Brewery Details and Contract

Thank you for your interest in participating in Maple Shade Beefest!
Below you will find additional information about the event, as well as some marketing guides for the festival.
Please sign and return the form as soon as possible. Any local COVID restrictions must be followed as applicable.


▪ Location: Maple Shade Fire Lot-41 S. Maple Ave, Maple Shade, NJ 08052

▪ This event is rain or shine from 12-5pm

▪ Check-In will start at 9am and will close at 11:15am. We will be closing off Vendor entry at 11:15am so please make sure to arrive on time!


Event Provisions:

▪ Event will purchase all beer

▪ Tent covering

▪ 8ft. table

▪ Ice for keg tubs and Jockey boxes

▪ Event credentials


Brewery Provisions:

▪ Brewery to provide at least (1) 1/2BBL of (2) separate beers, and (1) 1/6BBL of a beer for ViP hour and to be judged by patrons in “Battle of the Beers”

▪ Jockey Box or way to serve patrons beers as well as tubs to chill beer

▪ Chairs for staff if needed

▪ CO2/regulators

▪ Tablecloth or other promotional items

▪ Merch may be sold but NO GLASSWARE

▪ Bucket/pitcher for rinse water and waste



▪ As a brewery, your promotion of the event on all social media outlets is mutually beneficial. Each vendor can tag us on Facebook or Instagram @MapleShadeBeerFest and can link to our website:

▪ Participants are asked to promote the festival on social media as detailed below: Initial post when receiving the email for the announcement

• Try to post once per week in the month of the event

• Week of the event is up to you!

• Additional content can be provided upon request


By signing below, you acknowledge that you understand everything above and that you are committed to participating in this event. You are also acknowledging that any permitting required to operate your booth is solely your responsibility.

Acknowledgement *